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So, you have looked into the ozone odor removal business.  You have probably heard extreme claims of success and profits; but as good as ozone is, it is a challenging business.  Why?  Well, the public still doesn't know what it is; and there are some downsides that impact your success.

     1. Ozone takes hours to treat, and you must get people out of the building.
     2- Ozone will like an "Ozone Smell" that some people do not like
     3- Travel time cuts profits traveling to set up and then take down the equipment

     4- The cost to buy and maintenance of ozone equipment can be a big cost every year.

The concept is not EPA registered and depends on odd reports to validates it worth.  We like ozone, but in an honest review, we found that an aqueous application of a safe oxidizing treatment had none of the detriments, but delivered all the values that ozone promises.

h2o2 Oxidizing Treatments

  1. Great, just got Greater:  Our one-step oxidation shortens time on the job and improves results
  2. EPA Registered, Eco-Friendly, non-toxic, and leaves no residue
  3. Avoid the "Ozone Smell" that customers may not like.
  4. Your only equipment is a fine mist sprayer or ULV fogger.  Very reliable equipment, and you only need one unit
  5. Used by the military for a dozen years, field proven, and Proprietary (No one can Copy your Success
  6. The program offers a six log kill of all types of pathogens.  Amazing infection control
  7. Knock out the toughest odors: Pet Odor, Smoke Smell, Death Odor,  
  8. Kill mold and mildew, leaving a mildewstat for 1-3 mold inhibiting protection
  9. Denature blood, urine, and body fluids.  Neutralize any chemical residue.
Odor Removal Six-log Sanitizing Kill Mold and Mildew Neutralize VOCs & TICs Breakdown Biofilms
National Ozone Association six log sanitizing Kill Mold and Mildew

Allergy Relief

Destroy Biofilm




This is "The Good Stuff" that works Exceptionally Well

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Yes, this is Better than Ozone Treatments

Odor Removal - Sanitizing - Mold Killing - Detoxification

Start a BusinessSo, ask yourself.  Do you really want to buy an ozone generator from an online vendor?  Or, do you want to start a business that has unlimited potential, the best support anywhere, and the ability to step up to the next level when you are ready without reinvesting all over?  

If this is a serious commitment, failure is not an option.  No business endeavor comes with a guarantee, but you can greatly improve your odds by bringing your best effort to the project.  With so much on the line, it is no time to experiment or figure it out as you go.  This is a 100% proprietary product with great profit potential.  No sales required.  Just demo the product for the worst problems just once, the product is so effective ... it sells itself.

For car lots, just ask to do 3-4 smelly cars for free, then let the manager check them out.  For apartment managers, do one job so a smelly, recently vacated apartment; they will be amazed.  For a vet office or pet center, do one treatment after their normal cleaning, and be prepared for astounding results.

Credentials:  And here's the best.  This product is EPA registered, biodegradable, environmentally-safe, no chemical residue, and non-toxic.  If we deliver at the level of service we know we posssess, and the product is this safe and well-supported ... you have to wonder how anyone can fail.  This product was developed a dozen years ago for the military, and is used by the military still.  Research labs use this product to sanitize and decontaminate their facilities.  The success of this program with established markets is so strong that they refuse to offer it to the public.  Out network of professionals has qualified for bring this unique, proprietary product to the rest of the world.  And, though we feel this is easily a $10,000 value as a great business, we plan to take over the market in a big way.  The $1000 startup fee is not going to last very long, and this business will quickly become a dominant service in every city and town.

Avoid the "I Blew It" Mistake

Business MistakeWe know this product is an incredible service that needs no sales pitch.  We know it has years of credible use by organizations with strong reputations.  We know that we have a proprietary product that cannot be match by other h2o2 products, regardless of claims.

We also know that this product has immense power.  It destroys bad odor problems in minutes.  It has a 99.9999% kill rate against pathogens.  We know that it kills mold and mildew on contact.  We know that it neutralizes VOC, TICs, and chemical residue; and is used to even decon meth houses.  We know this product breaks down biofilm and greasy film that is needed for full odor removal and sanitizing.  We know this will eliminate cigarette smoke and even curry odor.  

We know the profits are huge.  A car decon is about $3, but they pay $65 for this service.  An apartment decon is about $10 in product cost, but they pay $150-$175 for this service.  A house might be $25 in product cost, but fees are about $250-300.  If these were ozone treatments, the process takes hours to perform.  With the "Amazing Fresh Air"  System, you get a website, marketing material, and direct access to wholesale pricing.

The list is pretty vast, but we know that others have grown their business and found unplanned business opportunities:

  • Fleets, emergency vehicles, used car lots, and marinas 
  • Home inspection, dust cleaning, and mold remediation
  • Gyms, spas, and medical building
  • Sports programs and facilities
  • Real Estate, Property Management, and Corporate vendor
  • and many more

To be honest, you will not master these markets in a few weeks; but they are opportunities you will find the longer you grow your business.  We not only know about these markets and the best entry points.  We have the additional training that will allow you to step up as a trained professional to pull in huge contracts that will turn you from a one-man show to a high-powered business.

Be a Professional Service, not a Guy with an Ozone Machine

If you want to make a business with ozone, you need to know that you are 100% replaceable if your customers figure you out!  And, this will happen if you are the typical "One Trick Pony".  You may not have realized how easy ozone is replaced by a customer with Internet access.  Any customer can find and buy a Chinese ozone knock-off and drop your service.

No one can buy our Amazing Fresh Air product because we are the singular source in this market.  If they search the Internet, they find our connections, and that brings them back to our local services providers.   Customers love our treatments, but they cannot buy this anywhere else!  This means your customers are your customer for life.  Why?  Because nothing is as good as this product, and it is available only to our professional applicator's.


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