When Everyone Wins, Businesses have a Marketing Edge


#1- The Secret is Hidden Transaction Fees

Where do transaction fees (about 2-3% deducted from the vendor's sales) go?  To banks, ACH, PayPal, Google, and credit card providers.  Every single non-cash payment pays a percentage to a "Middle Man" who gets mega-rich while you eke out a living.  eBates uses it's private membership network to collect transaction fees.  Moving forward, what if the program used for national brands could be brought to good businesses everywhere?

Instead of building a system that rewards a few, why not build a program where everyone benefits?  The mission of ZipHub is more than a nice idea ... it is a a referral system on steroids.

#2- Customer Benefit:  25% Recaptured Fees Returned

ZipHub captures the transaction fees, and returns the money to its members and their designated charities.  ZipHub has a motto to "Love One Another", so 10% of captured fees go to a charity that the ZipHub member designates.  And, 15% is paid to the ZipHub member based on their purchases.  So, there is a reward for shopping with ZipHub businesses!

We all shop, so why not get some of that lost money that goes to the mega-rich back into your pocket?  ZipHub has many of the national brands and stores you already know.  More are being added.  But, ZipHub is the only network that has a localized directory to promote local businesses as well.  If your favorite business, restaurant, or service isn't in ZipHub, ask them to join.  It is free to join and no charge to bring in a ton of new customers.  This is literally a Win-Win-Win program that only cuts how the secret money exchange fees.

ZipHub for Business#3 - A Windfall for your Charity

Instead of struggling to raise money for a needful improvement, important service, or to pay off debt; ZipHub is enthusiastically motivated to put 10% of all captured revenue to charities everywhere.  This is like found or redeemed money that has a brand new purpose to make life better for those who want to support a noble cause.  You have to feel good about that.  Whether a day care, church, mission program, building fund, special service trip, or just paying off debt ... why not?

Who wins here?  ZipHub members win with every purchase inside the network.  ZipHub businesses get great exposure with no fee enrollment to find new customers.  Charities win when they are designated as the recipient of the charitable gift.  .

#4 - Groups can Adopt the ZipHub program

Create instant growth by promoting the adoption of the ZipHub program inside your organization.  Raise money without begging, expensive campaigns, and hosting meals.  People can still make gifts, but now they can happily give more than ever before by promoting the ZipHub program among their members and friends.  Regardless of the group, if your mission if noble and generous, ZipHub can literally become a huge revenue source to fund financially-struggling programs..  

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