About ZipHup

Comparing ZipHub for Business Marketing

ZipHub is a revolutionary free membership, search engine, daily deals, social media, and retail/shopping platform portal that supports its member’s local schools, causes, non-profits, associations, and churches as directed by our users.

We offer a local search by zip code, daily deals section, and a business to business search engine all on a guaranteed ROI program for our advertisers. With ZipHub, everyone wins!!!

Branding and Sales Opportunities

ZipHub will attract tens of millions of loyal, affinity, cause-based consumers in 2017 through national marketing campaigns.

ZipHub is creating the first of its kind customized portals within ZipHub (a hub within a hub) for hundreds to thousands of non-profits, union groups, schools, associations, and churches.

ZipHub gives back up to 25% of all revenue to local communities and ZipHub members. With ZipHub, members select up to five causes they want to support by using the ZipHub search engines. This cause-based approach creates a very loyal branding experience for ZipHub and its advertising partners. Recent studies have shown that 85% of consumers will choose a company that gives to causes they care about versus companies that do not. Caused based marketing is especially important to the Millennials.

ZipHub Marketing in 2017 and Beyond

Stan Lee’s Hands of Respect – Stan Lee of Marvel Entertainment has selected ZipHub as the presenting sponsor and portal to his new cause to unite the country through his Hands of Respect Campaign. This campaign has already received significant coverage even before the official launch in January of 2017. Stan Lee and his team will be bringing in many police and political leaders, celebrities and athletes to support this very timely cause. All media and interested supporters will be exclusively directed to ZipHub to sign up and support the cause. Stan and others will be a part of a national tour of events to promote the Hands of Respect in 2017.

Non-Profits, Churches, Unions, Schools, and Association Drives – ZipHub will be working with thousands of organizations in reaching out to their members to join ZipHub.

Social Media Influencers - Through partnerships with ZipHub’s national advertising agency R and R Partners, Non-Profit Organizations, Family Share, and Stan Lee’s group, ZipHub anticipates many top athletes and celebrities will reach out to their social media audiences in supporting their favorite causes through ZipHub. Stan Lee has over two million social media followers and Family Share has over 120 million Facebook followers alone.

Hyve Group - ZipHub is working with Hyve to be the local and Internet shopping e-commerce engine for their hotel room technology platform used in tens of thousands of rooms in 2017.

Family Share - ZipHub is partnering with Family Share to reach their social media audience of over 120 million worldwide. Family Share is the world’s largest social media platform that provides content and hosts dozens of family friendly social media sites.

Dave Ramsey Radio and Podcasts – ZipHub will advertise on the Dave Ramsey radio show and live streaming starting in February 2017. Dave Ramsey has a weekly audience of 12 million listeners.

R and R Partners - The award winning advertising and PR agency, R and R is leading ZipHub’s publicity campaigns in digital media, social, and print starting in January 2017.