A Better Way to Raise Money for Charities

Love One Another with ZipHubCharities know all-too-well the chore of asking members and supports to "Dig Deeper" into their pocket to help a worthy and noble cause.  Gifting promotions are momentary efforts and the support need are perpetual.  So, churches and charitable programs spend a lot of time, energy, and money to raise money for things that deserve out support.  So, what if there were a true "Game Changer" that was able to fund noble projects without the constant push for patrons to "Dig Deeper"?

ZipHub has a fantastic underlying commitment that is called "Love One Another".  By designating 10% of funds earned to your favorite charity, raising support is extremely simple ... and painless.  ZipHub has innovated a system that captures (redeems) money lost to financial services who charge 2-3% for each and every non-cash financial transaction.  

For those who may not know how credit card or electronic purchases are charged, you should know that the merchant does not get 100% of the charge.  Roughly, 2-3% is taken by banks, ACH, or financial services to facilitate charge.  That is lost money that flows into the coffers of the super-rich, and does nothing for you, your community, or finance-strapped charities.

ZipHub captures those fees when ZipHub consumers purchase within the system.  Then, 25% of those fees are given back to the consumer and their targeted charities.  15% is paid to the consumer, and 10% goes to charity.  Giving is literally "baked" into the system, and the flow of that money is basically perpetual.

Everyone wins with ZipHub.  Consumers get back lost money that can grow into a sizable income.  Charities get a constant flow of money from the ZipHub system.  And, businesses are rewarded by motivated customers who like getting money back each month and knowing their favorite charities are getting the funding they need without begging for it.

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