A Better Referral System for Chiropractors

Chiropractic Marketing

One staple for every chiropractic office is referrals.  Chiropractic offices constantly press their customers to make referrals to their friends.  Asking for referrals is not easy, and may seem like pushing a rope instead of pulling it.

I want to explain what I feel is a quantum leap for marketing chiropractic services.  It is Ziphub, and this system seems ready-made to replace and dramatically improve the growth of your chiropratic practice.  Frankly, this program works with any business that wants to grow their clientel without expensive advertising.

It is fundamental in life that if we REWARD any good action, people will become more proactive if the reward is valuable to them.  So, Ziphub has innovated a community marketing program that rewards your present patients, if they refer your services.

The first reward is “15% of Service Fees" back to the ZipHub member.  This adds up as more and more business discover this free marketing tool to reach a fantastic group of local consumers.  Ziphub rewards all types purchases in the community as well, if they sign up for a free ZipHub listing.  So, instead of a monthly reward for two dollars, rewards easily total thirty, forty, fifty dollars or more.

Yes, it is True - Consumers and Businesses Sign up Free of Charge

ZipHub Mobile AppIf current members refer a friend to your service, they get larger rewards for all the purchases for their purchases as well.  But, this is only for direct referrals.  Ziphub is not multi-level, but is a reward system that puts money into the customer’s pocket.

Where does the reward money come from?  Well, I’m glad you asked, because Ziphub replaces the hidden bank or ACH fees that happen on each and every non-cash purchase we make.  You know, merchants get their payments after a 2-3% fee is deducted. 

Financial firms, banks, and digital service are making millions and billions on that 2-3% fee, and we count it as lost money.  Right?  Well, Ziphub is more generous than the banks and financial institutions because they return 15% of all they collect on your transactions and activities. 

A Ziphub member might make twenty dollars a month on their purchases, but they could make two hundred dollars a month by getting their friends to join Ziphub. 

After all, joining Ziphub is FREE!  Any business and any person can join and use all the advantages of Ziphub without paying ONE PENNY to Ziphub.  Ziphub will do just fine with 75% of the money from thousands upon thousands of transactions every day.  If you do any advertising, such promotions are guaranteed to bring in new business or no charge.  You pay a less-than-Google fee AFTER your promotion earns you a profit.  That is an extraordinary offer for any business.

Non-cash transaction fees are Lost Money to us that has gone into the pockets of the mega-rich for decades.  2-3% may not sound like much, but is huge when done millions of times each hour.

But, that lost money can be redeemed and recovered.  And, Ziphub has proven to be the opportunity for people like you and me to take back a little of what has been lost in years past.

ZipHub allows You to Send Money to your favored Charity

There is another benefit that should be appreciated and embraced.  Ziphub has a core mission stated as “Love One Another”.  Ziphub gives another 10% to a charity that you get to designate.  How good is that?  You get 15%, but some great cause you care about gets another 10%.  So, 25% of all fees go to make lives better in the community.

But, there’s more.  Ziphub members will seek out other businesses in the system to build their monthly rewards.  This growth momentum brings hudreds more consumers into the local ZipHub program, and grows the audience who are anxious to find vendors who particpate in the ZipHub reward system.

Getting started is simple.  Post a sign as a ZipHub member, but have your desk person routinely sign everyone up for discounts and cash rewards since you now offer the Ziphub program.  Who will say, "No"?  It's free, and they give you money!

Okay, this is not an overnight process; but it is lightyears ahead of the standard and tired “Please Refer Me” program.  And, it’s 100% free.

If you vigorously promote Ziphub for your rewards and referral program, the rest is already done for you.  But, be the leader in this concept.  If your competition gets in first, you will be playing catch up.