Dynamic Marketing with ZipHub

Earn Money while shoppingTheories and niceties aside, let's look at the way a business could make use of ZipHub.  We are going to start with a "Ground Zero" approach meaning that ZipHub is new to your area, and no one else has started the program yet.  We will assume your business is a restaurant, chiropractor, carpet cleaner, or some type of storefront.  This is not a one-day project, but remember you have a "Zero Cost" in this effort so there is no where to go but up.  Start with asking your regulars to earn bonus dollars for all purchase at your store.  After all, who wouldn't like an extra $50 bucks in the mail each month?

So, it starts with showing people how to get back money that was theirs anyway.  Essentially, banks, ACH, and financial services charge 2-3% for all non-cash transactions.  If we make those transaction inside of the ZipHub network, those fees are kept inside the ZipHub system.  And, ZipHub shares 25% of those fees by giving the ZipHub member 15%, and their chosen charity 10%.  Simple right?

So, a loyalty kicks in from the start.  Within ZipHub make an offer for all new ZipHub referrals, your offer something special.  So, your first group will earn one-level of bonus on their referrals.  (Since there is only one-level of benefit, this is not multi-level or MLM).  But, you are exposed to a new generation of customers who earn money back by buying your service or goods.  And, they can opt for your special offer as a new ZipHub member.  Isn't this way better than asking for referrals that never happen?

Maybe you have a good buddy who has a business too.  So, he joins ZipHub for free and asks his or her customers to earn money with every purchase by joining ZipHub.  Of course, it is free to join, so who wouldn't?  But now your local hub has doubled and soon doubles again.  There is no pressure, but the idea of earning cash back is a big incentive to use ZipHub for all purchases (national or local).  

But, did you think about the benefits to you besides new and loyal customers?  Everyone buying through ZipHub pays you a small piece to, but on all their purchases.  Again, this is one-level only.  So, when you realize that your business (1) builds customer loyalty, (2) recruits new customers, and (3) pays you a small piece of all your group's purchases  ... isn't that enough?  Well, remember that ZipHub pays 10% of all these fees to your designated charity(ies).  In a short while, word gets around about making extra money each month if they join of free membership program.  Potentially, thousands of people in your community join this program and your business is seeing amazing growth.

Pastor Randy on ZipHub from ZipHub on Vimeo.

It all starts with someone with a vision that isn't limited by fear of something new and better.  

Or, you could rely on ideas that are well-worn and not very effective anymore.  You could buy advertising.  You could send our mailers.  You could build a website.  You could put up signs.  ...... It's all been done a million times before so the results are not very good.  ZipHub is new, innovative, and did I mention it is free to join.  And, customers get free money each month, deals at local stores, and its just fun!

Business get tremendous access to local customers who are spending money without all these benefits.  And, many good causes still struggle today to pay for the good things they want to do.  

But ZipHub has proven its value, and the national launch of this platform allows anyone, any community, or any group to leverage the power of an independent system not owned by banks and financial institutions.  


To help grow the program we will nominate a local person who has the experience, ability, and drive to launch a ZipHub program.  All the above still applies, but an approved Team Leader makes 1% on all business in his or her locality.  There can be only one, and we do not seek to fill this duty unless the person demonstrates an robust ability to drive the success of the local ZipHub.  Rather than project the money that can be made, time will show that millionaires will be made by visionary people who understand now little fees process thouands of times each and every day will build incredible incomes for those who see this as that rare opportunity that literally changes their life.

We will mentor, promote, and assist all Team Leaders in significant ways to drive your success forward, but the smart path is to recruit those who have a faithful group of patrons.  The offer is simple.  ZipHub is free and sends you money each month.  So, exponential growth means exposnential earnings.  

The national version of ZipHub launches in the first quarter of 2018.  If you want to be a part of something with incredible potential, contact Michael at (815) 272-1653 or Join and Explore  .... it's free!