Earn Extra Income with ZipHub

Earn Extra IncomeIn the pursuit of a better life and better income, many people have tried numerous fantaastic ideas that just didn't work out.  Good ideas fail becuase they do not easily translate into something easily understood or applied.  In many cases, new program require a sizable investment, learning how to promote the program, and limited ability to mimic success.

ZipHub is the extra income program for all of those who have experienced the sad realization that we are not all super-marketing personalities.  To explain ZipHub, you only need to let people know, "It is free to join, and they give you money".  Of course, this will raise the question how this can be true.  The answer is the hidden 2-3% transaction fees paid by the merchant for all non-cash payments.  Businesses do not get 100% of what the actual charge may be.  They get paid on their charges, AFTER the banks, ACH, and financial services have taken their piece.

So, what if there was a way to pay through a service that returned 15% back to the purchaser?  If we use just $1000 in total non-cash purchases as the base, 2-3% is $20-30 of fees lost to the mega-rich who do little more than keep the electronic transfer systems running.  With one person, the rewards are no big deal.  But, you also earn on anyone you bring into ZipHub; and that includes businesses you ask to join ZipHub so you can earn more cashback.  Multiply your income across 100 people and the monthly rewards get very interesting.  

ZipHub launched its well-prepared national network in early 2018, so there is an opportunity to be the leading edge of an infectious program in you community.  ZipHub, by the way, is national in scope, but automatically promotes local businesses to members in driving distance of their home.  So, This powerful referral system finds people who buy goods and services in their community.

One-by-one recruitment is possible, but what about tapping into large groups?  Could a merchant association, Chamber of Commerce, or city leader use ZipHub to helps their local businesses get more customers?  Remember that ZipHub is free to join.  It is free to consumers and buisnesses.  So, there is no barrier to get people to step into this program.  There are no hidden fees or costs.  Every business gets a free listing on ZipHub and that listing relates to their zipcode (hence Zip-Hub).  We ask only that each ZipHub member post a sign to let people know they are a ZipHub member, and they simply ask people if they would like to earn discounts and cash back at their store.  

The other important virtue of ZipHub is that they follow their mission statement, "Love One Another" by giving back 10% of recovered fees to your favorite charity.  So, could a church, charitable organization, noble cause, or community service ask all their patron to join ZipHub making that group the designated charity?  Hey, this is not money from anyone's pocket but redeemed money typically lost to wealthy financial services.  When, small amounts are multiplied hundreds and thousands of times each month by the ordinary purchases we all make, the monthly income to these charitable organizations can be huge.

ZipHub is an infectious program.  Consumers will want to enlist their friends because it increases their monthly income without costing their friends a dime.  Consumers will ask local stores, services, gyms, dentists, doctors, chiropractors, and even their churches to join Ziphub so that 25% of fees now go to something good, instead of buying yatchs for the super-rich.