Church or Charity

First and foremost, churches and good organization do not want to get involved with anything that may be an embarassment.  So, here is the answer to that question.  No one is asked to for a dime.  Membership is free and no solicitations are made to members by ZipHub.  So, we are confident that no one will be harmed by our program.  In fact, ZipHub collects the fees typically going to places like Google, banks, ACH, or financial services that collect 2-3% on every non-cash transaction.  And, there are advertising fees paid to these firms by businesses to atrach new business.  So, Google made $80 billion in the last year.

As a church, we are all about redemption, meaning taking back what has been improperly taken from us.  Capturing revenue within the ZipHub is just plain smart.  What if millions upon millions could be moved to good causes without asking your supporters to "Dig a little deeper"?

Zip hub is easy.  It is 100% voluntary, super-easy because we do all the work, and produces a check to designated charities each month.  What would your church or charity do with a redeemed source of money?

  1. Pay off debt
  2. Pave the parking lot
  3. Build a new wing or remodel your aging building
  4. Support a program for homeless men and women
  5. Provide a place for unwed mother or abused runaways
  6. Send more missionaries
  7. Start a church in a foreign land

Place the QR code or link in your bulletin.  Let people know that we are always interested in redemption, including redeemed money.  Encourage members and businesses to create the normal flow of business, but through ZipHub.  That's it.